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Hints & Tips From Experienced Builders

Check the Roof

One of the first places to see damage on a house is the roof. Your need to check your roof regularly, as issues here can go unnoticed until they become a big problem (and you get leaks). Do a visual inspection for slipped, cracked or badly damaged roof tiles. Look at the pointing and get someone in if this is in a bad condition. You should remove moss from tiles if it's starting to take over. And give gutters a good clear out on a regular basis, removing all weeds and leaves before they can block anything up.

Check Anywhere Water Goes

Ensure the cement mortar around waste pipes is in a good condition and check water downpipes for splits and leaky joints. If there is anything growing on your walls such as climbing roses or ivy, either remove it of keep a very close eye on it. These plants can damage brickwork and retain moisture in the wall.

Stop Leaks Before They Happen

Inside your home, check your plumbing pipework and waste pipes for joint leaks. Now and again clean out bath and sink traps. And if the seals between baths and showers and the wall are starting to deteriorate, replace them immediately.

Keep Woodwork in Good Condition

All wooden window and door frames should be painted once every three years. This will stop dampness getting in. Renew any broken sash cords in windows and fix broken or cracked glass immediately.

Check for Damp

Regularly check your walls for damp. It's a serious problem that you must deal with straight away if you find it. Dampness can get through defective mortar joints or hairline cracks in any rendering.

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